Monday, September 24, 2012

2012-2013 Lessons Archive

This post is from the 2012-2013 academic year. These are lessons and demonstrations from the Tuesday morning Watercolor and the Wednesday evening Drawing and Painting classes at the Oregon Society of Artists (2185 SW Park Place, Portland, Oregon). These are ongoing classes and open to all members.
They are not in order.
Tuesday Watercolor                         10am-1pm           $20 drop in fee
Wednesday Drawing and Painting       7-9pm                $15 drop in fee
 Check postings for material list

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This is a plein aire painting done at the Brooklyn train yard in SE Portland.

This is the last demo for the season. Thank you all for coming on Tuesdays. Have a great summer and see you in September.

This one shows the technique of painting dark to light. The first things painted are the darkest values. This is not the usual sequence but it helps to us to see a full value range as the picture develops.

This demo shows how to paint rocks and dramatic wave action.

I was looking for an image that combined nature and architecture. This one also has a low viewpoint that adds drama. This was painted at the Wednesday night art class at OSA.

This demo from the Tuesday watercolor class shows how to paint this dramatic effect of a backlit sunset.

Students at the OSA Joy of drawing workshop.

This shows how to draw and paint a figure and car. OSA May 29.

I combined two photo references for this one

A horse painting done in a personal style.
this one was done after a couple practice drawings.
Here is drawing in 2point perspective done with pen and ink and wash.
This is a combination of two photo references.

This is the painting from the spot shown below. It is just above Horsetail Falls in the gorge. I have been an avid hiker for years. Adding painting is a bonus that allows me to enjoy it even more.

photo by Dan Sherwood

Standing figure. Watercolor

Dancer. watercolor

This was done on the spot in Hillsboro

This composition has a strong center of interest.

Two figures

This shows how a series could look,

Mountain landscape

Using pot shapes to motivate composition and shapes

Basic composition with pots

Value study for a rocky creek painting

Study for two figures.

Study for watercolor painting.

Charcoal drawing showing shadow pattern across a face.

Composition study

Beach scene.

Landscape done with tonal pallet.

I made copies of this ink drawing and then added watercolor to them

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I used liquid frisket to mask the foreground flowers.

I do a painting like this almost every autumn.

I rearranged elements from a photo to get this composition

This charcoal drawing works to simplify this complicated river scene.

Charcoal drawing breaks down these shapes by value.

I used graphite to practice drawing from Greek sculpture

A fall still life in watercolor

Elizabeth Loft reception announcement

This demonstrates a plein aire technique, but it was done from a photo.

Working from a photo I changed this from a stage situation to outdoors. I added some gesture to the figure for effect.

Drawing from a plaster head

I lit these pots, then draw the shapes of light with white chalk.

This was done on the spot in front of the OSA building.

I did this one afternoon under the Fremont Bridge, looking east.

A blue ribbon!

I used a photo of the Mandon Hotel in Powell River BC to motivate this picture. This is the first state, done in class.

This is the finished painting completed in my studio. Despite some ambiguous drawing this seems to be OK.

This lesson concentrates on fore, mid and background elements. This is the 1st state.Bald Mt ridge, Mt Hood

Finished painting

This copy of the head of an ignudi done in charcoal on craft paper explores how this master depicts shadow on a human head.

This demo shows how to render a gables roof in two point perspective

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This was painted at the Rose Garden