Friday, May 15, 2015

Astoria Overnighter

Thursday and Friday June 11-12

Make your own reservation for Thursday June 11 at
Comfort Suites Columbia River

3420 Leif Erickson Dr
Astoria, OR

Ask for Oregon society of artists rate

Single/Double Occupancy $158 total

(503) 325-2000

Thursday-June 11

830am- Meet at OSA
9 am Leave OSA

1030am- Paint at Jewell Meadows Wildlife viewing area. This is a well developed area designed to view the Roosevelt Elk that often graze in this lush meadow. Park and paint near the picnic tables. Nice mountain meadow with lovely pastoral setting. Bring a picnic lunch. As well as the meadow itself there is a old farmhouse. There are restrooms at this park.

2pm Paint at Lee Wooden County Park. An undeveloped park with no facilities. It is a mere 5 minute drive from the Jewell meadows. A short walk on a flat, smooth and wide path brings us to a shady picnic table near a cool and mellow creek running between tall trees and rocks. There is a view of Fish hawk falls between the trees.

6 pm Dinner at the Buoy Brew pub Astoria
1 8th St
Astoria, OR 97103

Check in at Comfort Inn

Friday June 12
10 am Paint along the waterfront behind the hotel or close by is Pier 39. This defunct cannery retains a lot of the charm of its original purpose but has been retrofitted for coffee shops and gift shops. There is a small museum and some remaining industry which makes for good painting subjects.

2 pm return to Pdx

Tuition $125 includes 3 demonstrations and individual instruction
$65 for just Thursday June 11th

Contact me for registration and ride sharing.

Steve Kleier / Artist

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Painting portraits

I am becoming interested in painting portraits again. The process and concentration required to make the likeness of a specific individual is I think the most demanding subject an artist can undertake. I draw the head freehand and then paint it as directly as possible. Paying careful attention to the way shapes combine to make a single object (the head) and any subtle nuance of color and tone that can be rendered as seen, emphasized or ignored.The primary objective is to render the model but it cannot be escaped that it is being done with paint and that the paint must have an interest of its own independent of but in relation to the head.
I read this article on JSSargents thoughts about painting a portrait and was impressed by his obsession and clearheaded, practical approach. It is a paradox of painting that there are so many technical aspects to realistic rendering but that the real power comes from the painters inner void and confidence beyond the box. This comes through in these words from JSS

Bill 11x15 watercolor. About 1 hour

Steve Kleier / Artist

Monday, February 16, 2015

I look pretty happy with this demo I did at the Columbia Art Center last month. I gave a two day watercolor workshop there and it was well attended by several talented and interested local artists. The CCA is a wonderful facility with a professional gallery, performance space and of course an art studio.Thanks to the CCA for hosting the event and all the folks who signed up. It went well and I hope to do more workshops there in the future. Sorry about the hair.

Steve Kleier / Artist

Monday, February 9, 2015

Here are a couple sketches I did in my sketchbook this morning at the coffee shop. I enjoy this kind of drawing and am aware that I am trying to capture only the bare bones of the scene. I look for gesture, proportion and relation of shapes. These take me only a few minutes to draw and of course the models are always moving.

Steve Kleier / Artist