Friday, October 31, 2014

This is another one point perspective driven painting. I planned this as three values but when the color gets added it seems to add more.

Steve Kleier / Artist

Thursday, October 23, 2014

This one is from the Tuesday class. I used two photos for reference. The focus of this demo was mostly concerned with the drawing part of how to put figures in a landscape.

From the Wed class. This is a value study for a Czech street scene. We discussed one point perspective and some figure drawing issues.

Here is the painting in watercolor. It is a simple primary triad with a dark neutral. I may work on it some more.

Steve Kleier / Artist

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Last weekend was the WSO fall convention. The exhibit was at the rouge art center in downtown Medford. A club a lot like the OSA. I was happy to get a piece into the show. The juror was Linda Baker. She does a variety of subjects in a poured technique. She is an excellent artist and presenter and did a very nice job all around, I thought. The convention center was fine, and the weather great. I took a side trip to the cowboy town of Jacksonville and took a few reference photos. I had a good time and picked up some art tips.the next one is mod April.

This one was done at the WSO convention last weekend. We were planning on painting the farmers market, but that didn't work out so we did this. The Medford elks club.15x22"

I was going for really deep darks. This is 300 lb arches paper. 15x22"

This is a class demo from the OSA Tuesday watercolor class.

Steve Kleier / Artist