Monday, July 9, 2012


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Drawing Class Materials List
-Drawing board
-Large Newsprint pad
-Travel Sketch book
-Pad of  Canson Mi Tients or other tinted drawing  paper
-Medium soft drawing pencil (like a 6b)
-Medium Hardness Charcoal
-White chalk
-Kneaded eraser
-Sharp blade and sandpaper
-Bring whatever you like to draw with

Watercolor Class Materials List
-Cold Press Watercolor paper and backing support
-Selection of good quality watercolor brushes
-Sponge or washcloth
-Water container
-Palette knife
-Sketchbook and drawing pencil
-Photos for reference

(If you already have a selection of paint, bring them and add others as you go)
Ultramarine Blue
Prussian Blue
Raw Sienna
Cad Yellow Light
Cad Red Light
Alizarin Crimson
Burnt Sienna

Cobalt Blue
Cerulean Blue
Burnt Umber


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